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Gascony is one of the most charming French regions…

The Gers, heart of this legendary Gascony (which spreads over westward from Bordeaux, southward up to Bayonne, Pau and Bagnères-de- Luchon ), is proud of its most famous musketeer d’Artagnan, of its precious liquor l’Armagnac, of its art of living, of its quietness, of its hilly sceneries – very similar to that of Toscana – of its Mediterranean architectural jewels which are its bastides, and its friendly welcome.

The Gers in Gascony is also one of those rural regions where men and women live and work, create things and bring out innovations, and this is true for much more than only their famous goose liver and duck specialties.

A fabulous region that we would be glad to have you discover, share and love.

Gilles & Pierre

After an international career essentially Engineer on behalf of a major French company leader in the energy sector, Gilles today developes his talents as an art photographer, and has already had occasion to expose his photos on topics as diverse as the desert of the Arabian Peninsula or heritage Gers.

Pierre has meanwhile held sales positions in various European countries, before devoting himself to the training of disabled persons undergoing vocational rehabilitation. But today, making the B&B’s guests feel well and at home makes up the bulk of its business.