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The story of “Lézard Bleu”

Gilles & Pierre

After an international career as an engineer on behalf of a major French company’s energy sector, Gilles today have his talents as an art photographer, and has had the opportunity to display his photos of topics as diverse as the desert of the Arabian Peninsula or heritage Gers.

Pierre has meanwhile held sales positions in various European countries, before devoting himself to the training of disabled persons undergoing vocational rehabilitation. After a first experience a few years ago in Paris, are the cottages of the Gers who now occupy with great pleasure.

“Why “Le Lézard Bleu ?”

“In August 2006 we fell in love with this house Gers, planted in the middle of the sunflowers, which are found by taking a small local road very quiet and very little traffic.

Summer after summer, we found that the sun, its rays that heats our house faces south, warming and also many charming little lizards, obviously taking great pleasure to settle on the stone wall outside the house. We were somewhat the same thing, “basking” more comfortably in our chairs !
Then we discovered the story of lectoure blue , that blue got a few centuries ago the leaves of a plant with yellow flowers, Pastel, and that made the reputation of the region by providing the blue to the Kings of France.

We visited the workshops that have been resumed a few years ago, and where a story is told about a duck dipped in this bath and emerged blue, fortunately not permanently! This visit came the idea to combine our charming little lizards that color, even if we never had the experience of soaking! We are content to just sum paint all the shutters of the house this summer so blue.”

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