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Saint-Clar regional capital of Heart of lomagne, is located 7.5mi North-East of Fleurance and 9mi East of Lectoure. SAINT-CREAC, small village of 100 inhabitants, was founded in the 6th century by Saint-Creatus, the LECTOURE bishop and martyr. At Middle-Ages they were more than thousand; they suffered from the devastating assaults of Edward the Black Prince in 1369. The Roman church was built in the 12th century on the base of an ancient chapel whose the 6th century apse still remains.

Very near to our house and just a few miles away, we can see (and also pay a visit to) :

– the village of Gramont (historical medieval castle dated 12th c.),

– the village of Plieux, (14th c. castle and church),,

– the village of Mauroux (12th c. church)

Upon arrival at our home, a look southwards allows us to admire the village of SAINT-CLAR, further the one of Saint-Léonard and at the background the PYRENEES’ Mountains. The only other houses next to ours are: a farmer 400m northward, a goose breeder 600m further, a duck breeder 1km away, a plum farm (the famous Agen prunes !) and that’s all! Otherwise we are located in the middle of sunflower and corn fields …